Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to our newest Commercial District "Advisors"!

In August, the Commercial District Advisor put out a call for new 'Advisors' to contribute to our blog and quarterly newsletter. This is part of our growing effort to make sure the information on this site is useful to our readers and deeply rooted in the newest research and practitioner expertise available to the field. We were so pleased by the reaction from our subscribers!

Today we are happy to announce three new Advisors who will be contributing to the blog regularly. These practitioners and institutions face the challenges of commercial district revitalization every day with great passion and commitment. We hope you will join us in welcoming their input and expertise to the blog!

Practitioner Advisors

John Ungar

“My passion is making business owners get excited about their business again and encouraging them to make improvements that will increase their revenues.”

John Ungar has worked in the community development field in for 12 years and is currently Executive Director of the Mount Airy Revitalization Corporation. Over the course of his career, he has overseen business improvement efforts on three different commercial corridors in Philadelphia. His experience includes business recruitment and retention, implementing fa├žade improvement programs, special events, providing technical assistance to businesses and to business associations, and implementing large scale public streetscape improvements.

Institutional Advisors

Social Compact
Social Compact is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of business leaders from across the country committed to promoting successful investment in lower income communities. Working in close partnership with community and corporate leaders over the past decade and a half, Social Compact has pioneered the “DrillDown,” a methodology to analyze inner-city markets and create accurate, business-oriented profiles of “emerging” neighborhood markets. Drawing on business disciplines and community strength, these DrillDown profiles have a strong track record of catalyzing sustainable, private investment, benefiting communities and businesses alike.

LISC MetroEdge
Since 1998, MetroEdge has been at the forefront in collecting and analyzing a wide variety of local and specialized data sets and is one of the leading pioneers in developing urban metrics that often demonstrate untapped demand in urban markets. MetroEdge has demonstrated success in combining the power of national and local market data with strategic technical assistance and consulting services in its efforts to help non-profit commercial district management entities and public sector clients move effectively from planning to implementation.

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