Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buy-Local Campaigns Boost Business Revenue

The fourth annual Independent Business Survey, conducted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a non-profit research and educational organization, has some good news for those engaged in 'buy local' campaigns. In 2010, active 'buy local' campaigns helped boost average revenue for participating businesses by 5.6%, compared to 2.1% for those without a similar campaign. These campaigns were particularly helpful over the holidays.

Survey respondents also noted that 'buy local' campaigns help build customer loyalty, bring new customers into a business, and result in increased local media coverage. According to a clothing retailer in Asheville, NC who was cited in the report, "the buy local campaign in our area [run by the Asheville Grown Business Alliance] is only a year old, but in that year we've noticed a signficiant change in people's attitutes towards locally owned and independent businesses. People are shifting their spending habits and are focused on keeping Asheville unique and thriving." For a look at the entire report, click here.


  1. The ILSR survey provided great news for advocates of independent businesses and commercial districts that are primarily based on local independents, but there's critical context missing from this blurb. The survey measured the impact of campaigns run by independent entities that promote exclusively locally-owned independent businesses.

    The image posted here from Orlando represents a city campaign that called corporate chains "local businesses." Neither this survey nor any other I've seen suggests such thinly veiled "we want your sales tax" messaging makes any positive impact (though incentives connected to such a program may). In fact, in Orlando it spurred a huge backlash early on (I've not followed its recent development).

    I encourage anyone considering a buy local/independent campaign to talk with us (American Independent Business Alliance) early on for a free primer on effective campaigns.

    Thanks for getting word out, Larisa!

  2. Well, the buy local campaign is a great effort to bring back the buying and selling of goods by the old folks. Not only does it promote patriotism, it also helps the less fortu

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