Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tsotchkes Galore

Some random BID marketing tsotchkes

 I love free marketing gear, don't get me wrong. I'll take a free t-shirt (ladies size please!) or pen anyday, but sometimes you have to wonder what kind of marketing tsotchkes really make sense, particularly these days when every marketing dollar matters. The image to the right shows two interesting examples of free marketing goods distributed by two seperate BID's in New York.

So, does a maraca really make you want to shop in the Fashion District? To be fair, the Fashion District BID also distributes cute little tape measures. Now the tape measures make alot of sense, but maracas? They might be a good choice for Mexicotown in Detroit, where a maraca would be in line with the district's identity, but in New York's uber stylish Fashion District? I'm not so sure.

And what about the jar opener? I could see that thing falling to the bottom of my utensil drawer and never seeing the light of day again. So before you spend any of your precious marketing dollars on useless tsotchkes, think about how they reflect your district's brand and identity and whether they will really drive retail traffic to your district before you buy.

What the strangest (or best) free marketing goods you've come by?


  1. Those 80's inspired neon frame sunglasses with logos on the side were super popular from Summer '10 to Spring '11 and only cost around a dime a piece. Now I'm wondering what all of these marketing people are going to do with hundreds of pairs of shades now that the fad is over.

  2. Anonymous, so true. I picked up 4 different pairs of those sunglasses while in Panama City beach for spring break in 2010. Could not tell you one of the brands that sponsored the glasses though. . .