Monday, July 11, 2011

Giving a new meaning to "Paint the Town Red"

Murals are a wonderful way to bring life to downtown. In Philadelphia, the Mural Arts Program is also credited with increasing sales within the business districts where they are located. How's that for impact! In Great Falls, Montana, the Business Improvement District is paying for supplies for 10 artists to create murals on the dilapidated building and enhance the appearance of downtown. This is a relatively easy idea that harnesses the skills and talent of local artists.

Here are two recent articles on the BIDs efforts:

Temporary murals light up 'blights' in downtown Great Falls [Great Fall Tribune, 7/11/11]
Artists Legally Paint Downtown Eyesore to Create a Masterpiece [, 7/11/11]


  1. Thanks for sharing the news about our little project! The end result was 21 artists collaborating and an exhausting day of incredible fun!

  2. Congratulations on your efforts! It's a wonderful program and I love your use of artists. I'm excited to see your 'after' pictures!