Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today in the News...

"More Pittsburgh neighborhoods consider setting up special districts" [1/10, Pittsburgh Tribute]
A number of Pittsburgh neighborhoods are moving ahead with the formation of Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NIDs) but facing challenges along the way.

"A Vision for Urban Parks" [1/10, New York Times]
Daniel Biederman, co-founder and current president of the 34th Street Partnership, the Bryant Park Corporation and the Chelsea Improvement Company, muses about his career and provides some insight on why he doesn't believe commercial districts should use public funds.

"DC Riverfront group says new study shows Green Line corridor leading regional development" [1/10, Washington Post]
The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District will release a study this Thursday that looks at how the neighborhood has changed as a result of it's programs.
"Department stores past their prime as retail anchors" [1/9, Minneapolis Star Tribute]
Is the traditional mall anchor dying? This article speaks to the impact of this trend on malls - but the implications for downtown could be significant.

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