Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"2-in-1" Storefronts Keep Corridors Bustling Day and Night

Last year, I worked in a neighborhood that was becoming a destination for dining and nightlife. Every time a space became available, a new bar or restaurant opened. This trend is continuing and they all seem to be doing really well.

The downside to this, however, is that the daytime businesses there are struggling. They are seeing less foot traffic now that most businesses there open after 5 pm.

While this isn't a viable solution for every retail space or business, it got me thinking about singular storefronts that house different businesses at different hours of the day, or businesses that combine two (somewhat unrelated) concepts into one. Could these "two-in-ones" be the solution to keeping corridors vibrant both day and night?

Here is a round up of businesses around Brooklyn that are keeping the gates up longer by combining uses:

Uses: Flower shop by day, Bar by night
Hours: Flower shop: 11am - 6pm, Bar: 12pm - 4am 
Amount of time gates are up: 17 hours

image via sycamorebrooklyn.com

Whole Foods Market (Third and 3rd, Brooklyn)
Uses: Supermarket, bike repair, knife sharpening, record store, rooftop taproom and restaurant, coffee bar
Hours: Cafe: 7am, Everything else 8am - 11pm
Amount of time gates are up: 16 hours
image via zagat.com

Bar Chord  
Uses: Bar and vintage guitar shop
Hours: 2pm - 2am
Amount of time gates are up12 hours
image via barchordnyc.com

Space Ninety 8

Uses: Urban Outfitters, Gallery, Bar 
Hours: Shop and Gallery: 10am - 10pm, Bar: 11am - 12am
Amount of time gates are up: 14 hours
The Gorbals at Space Ninety 8.
image via spaceninety8.com

Red Lantern Bicycles 

Uses: Bike shop, cafe and bar
Hours: Bike Shop: 9am - 9pm, Cafe/Bar 7am - 11pm
Amount of time gates are up: 14 hours
Image via redlanternbicycles.com

Uses: Bar and Arcade
Hours: 4pm- 4am weekdays, Noon - 4am weekends
Amount of time gates are up: 16 hours

Blind Barber 
Uses: Cafe, cocktails and barber shop
Hours: Barber: 12pm - 6pm, Cafe: 7am - 2am
Amount of time gates are up: 19 hours
image via blindbarber.com

Now go forth and visit your favorite local "2-in-1"!

Author Kristen Wilke is a Project Manager at Larisa Ortiz Associates.

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