Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Introducing “Retailer Spotlight of the Month”

Through our work on retail attraction we often come across a variety of chain-lets that are growing and looking for expansion opportunities. We also come across a number of commercial corridors who are retail ready and actively looking for retail prospects. Building relationships is a big part of what we do, so we thought would be a great idea to create a monthly post that profiles expanding chain-lets to provide our readers an extra resource in their retail attraction efforts.  Every month we will be featuring a new retailer, so if you have retailers expanding in your district and would like to share in our blog, let us know!

Retailer Spotlight of the Month: Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is an international coffeehouse chain designed after European open-air cafes. In the US Caffe Bene sells a variety of hot and cold beverages (coffees, teas, smoothies and its signature Misugaru), pastries, sandwiches, and a variety of waffles and gelatos. 

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Price Point: Moderate

Target Market:  Coffee enthusiasts, families, tourists and office workers.

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History: Caffe Bene was founded in 2008 in South Korea and has rapidly expanded to other countries including the U.S. (over 100 stores), Canada (1store), China (283 stores), among others. 

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Expansion Plans: In the US Caffe Bene adopts a franchise model and is actively looking for expansion opportunities in both urban and suburban locations.

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Site Requirements: Caffe Bene adopts a flexible floor plan model which allows stores of a variety of sizes and locations, from prime Times Square real estate to convenience commercial corridors in more modest working class neighborhoods.  According to their marketing materials, their suitable locations include non-traditional sites such as airports, hospitals, convenience stores, cinemas, hotels, zoos, casinos, museums, amusement parks and sports arenas.

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Contact Info:    New York
1430 Broadway, Suite 1401 New York, NY 10018
Franchise: 800.284.8053
Office: 212.575.5484

Los Angeles
5670 Wilshire Blvd #760 Los Angeles, CA 90036
Franchise: 844.833.3500
Office: 323.933.3500


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