Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Round Up: "Innovation Districts," The Housing Trilemma, Philly Revamps Corridors, Walkable Urbanism Ranked, Chicago Rakes in Another Corp HQ

Newest Fad in Urban Development: Innovation Districts

You can call something a duck but does that make it a duck? Despite the use of farm animals to draw out this point, does calling a district an "Innovation District" guarantee its future as such. A new trend in urban development is encasing areas with this name. 

In the wake of housing affordability rising across the nation but the desire to live in both a city with a strong economy and high quality of life, Josh Lehner at the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis explored the “housing tri-lemma” and discovered three US cities that achieve all three.

In Philadelphia, new energy, direction, and leadership abounds for their commercial corridors that have been neglected over time. Philadelphia has multiple district initiatives such as the Storefront Improvement Program, The Business Security Camera Program, and The Instore Forgivable Loan. Find out more...

The article claims that walkable urban places command a rent premium, increase equity—and are poised for more growth. The story presents data and charts displaying levels of Walkable Urbanism.

The companies are following the labor force which wants to be where the action is. McDonald’s is moving its HQ from sprawling leafy suburban Oak Brook to an area close to the city’s most violent neighborhoods - "joining a parade of companies creating an island of prosperity amid urban dysfunction."

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