Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Round Up: APA Awards, Blight Taxation, The Potential of Alleys, Temporary Renters, and Hot Dogs

Great Places in America: People's Choice
Not malls or strip centers, but American's have cast their vote for walkable commercial corridors to shop, district plazas to gather, and authentic neighborhoods to feel community. See the results in this year's APA people's choice.

D.C. Raises Taxes on Blighted Buildings
Blighted buildings plague many corridors and cities. The trend of blight property taxation continues to be a hot topic and a questionable driver of economic development. If it works in one city, can it be modeled in others? We will have to see.

Cities Start to See Potential in Alleys for Commercial Use
I had a great experience in Istanbul at an alleyway bar, which came to show that even overlooked alleys can serve a viable commercial purpose. Cities in the US are beginning to see this potential as well, adding availability and variety to the commercial mix. Learn more about what Downtown Pheonix is doing to activate their alleys. 

Freeman's Restaurant. Image:
Are Commercial Renters Feeling Temporary Like Residents
As urban rents go up an increasing number of residents feel a sense of temporary status in the places they love to live. Are we seeing the same feelings in commercial renters?

Infographic: Charting America’s Hot Dog Obsession
I personally prefer taco trucks but Americans do love their hot dogs. Could commercial corridors benefit from these small purveyors of hot processed meats? They are a testament to pedestrian traffic and business clusters.

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