Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Round Up: Transit Hub Resurgence, Alleyway Installations, Color in a Gray City, A Changing Newark, Reducing Traffic in the Built Environment

Full steam ahead: Why transit hub development is seeing a resurgence
Transit hubs in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City see renewed interest and resurgence of development based on new emphasis of the whole transit experience beyond just the transportation to include the full immersive experience of dining and shopping as well. 

Chattanooga’s forgotten alleyways come back to life with architectural installations
Four alleyways in downtown Chattanooga have been transformed by artist's installations to remind residents of these often forgotten and unused passages. 

Pilsen: An Explosion of Color in a Gray City
Southwest of Chicago's downtown lies Pilsen, a neighborhood that has evolved over the decades to become a current hot spot of culture, color, and community among the gray of the Windy City.

In Shadow of Manhattan, a Troubled City Is Having a Moment
Newark, New Jersey has tried many times in the past to turn the page and put itself back on the map. With many new investments and attention being diverted to its downtown, it might have its strongest chance yet.

A pragmatic six-point plan to cut traffic published by the State Smart Transportation Initiative gives much credit in reduction in traffic to mixed-use and Complete Street development. Vehicle-Miles Traveled, a measurable outcome, is discussed in this piece.

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