Friday, June 16, 2017

International General Merchandise Brands Growing Here

Store: MUJI
Originally From: Japan
Years in Business: 35
Stores in US: NY, CA
Site Requirements/ SF: 3,600-4,000 SF
Store Type/ Concept:  Sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods. It is distinguished by its design minimalism as a physical store and in its products. MUJI sells more than 7,000 products ranging from stationery and clothing, to food items and major kitchen appliances and home ware. MUJI products have a limited color range and are displayed on shelves with minimal packaging.
Price Point: Low to moderate
Target Customer: Consumers are younger, aged 20-35. Lifestyles are minimalist and environmentally-conscientious
Expansion Plans: Opened its first US store in 2007 in NYC SoHo. Since then, it has expanded to one other state California. MUJI intends to nearly double the number of its international stores over the next few years. More specifically, the target for U.S. is 100 stores by 2020 and 500 in the longer term.

Store: Flying Tiger 
Originally From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Years in Business: 22
Stores in US: New York (Flatiron neighborhood)
Site Requirements/ SF: 5,000 SF; preference for location near other designer home furnishing brands such as ABC Carpet, Design Within Reach etc.
Store Type/Concept: The store's mission is to make high design accessible to everyone, "the dollar store of Danish Design". Each store is filled with 'quirky products' that are mostly designed in-house. The merchandise ranges from gifts to food and office supplies. The store aims to offer a less serious shopping experience than other general merchandise stores like Target or Muji. 
Price Point: Low (90% of Flying Tiger’s products are less than $15)
Target Customer: Young, trendy professionals and families - customers have a flair for design
Expansion Plans: Unknown - expansion in the US from 1 to 4 stores strictly in NYC in the last 2 years

Store: Miniso
Originally From: Japan/ China
Years in Business: 6
Stores in US: CA Old Pasadena Business District (first store in the US opened in April 2017)
Site Requirements/ SF: 3,000 SF
Store Type/ Concept:  A single Miniso store offers some 10,000 products across the various categories including housewares, beauty products, inexpensive jewelry, and electronic accessories
Price Point: Low (Average price per item is $5)
Target Customer: Wide range of consumers but most popular with 18-35 age group
Expansion Plans: Company has aggressive growth plans for the U.S. involving first California and Texas, with a focus on major metro areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas. Aims to open roughly 25 U.S. stores this year with the ultimate aim of having about 50 stores in total by end of 2018

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