Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Retailer Spotlight of the Month: Sweetgreen

Image: Sweetgreen
Sweetgreen is an American fast casual restaurant chain that serves "simple, seasonal, healthy food" and prides itself on having a transparent supply network and preparing their food in house. Each of their locations has character from their surrounding neighborhood through design of their exteriors and interiors. Sweetgreen also changes their menu four times a year to harmonize with the seasons.

Image: Sweetgreen
Price Point: affordable

Target Market: health-conscious design-forward young adults

Image: Uhuru Design
History: Founded in 2007, Sweetgreen has received funding support from the tech investors and expanded seamlessly since. Currently they have 71 locations and growing quickly in the East and West Coast markets, with stores now in Chicago.

Image: Pat Mazzera
Expansion Plans: They do plan to expand, but are non-franchise and "opting to grow the brand organically under our own management and leadership." 

Site Requirements: flexible and variable, 1,000 - 2,500 SF

Contact Info: Because they are non-franchise and seek to expand organically and sustainably, they encourage suggestions on their website of neighborhoods to expand.

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