Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Round up: Roanoke thriving, commercial landlord buyout, the rise of maker movement, creating suburban main streets

The Small Appalachian City That’s Thriving

Roanoke, Virginia has become the envy of comparably sized towns. The once struggling town has found its place and is now attracting millennials to downtown when other small towns are losing them. The process began over a decade ago. READ ON to find out more.

Unibail Forges Path to U.S. With $16 Billion Westfield Deal

As the story of brick-and-mortar's survival against online retail continues, acquisitions are on the horizon for commercial landlords.  Europe’s largest commercial landlord, Unibail, has agreed to buy Westfield Corporation which has a stake in North American malls. READ HERE.

Source: www.cpexecutive.com
The Maker Movement and Urban Economic Development

This article from the Autumn 2017 Journal of the American Planning Association, sheds light on a topic that has been on our minds lately and has been an aspect of economic development in many cities: small-scale manufacturing. One major question asked, "How do maker enterprises function in cities whose primary economic bases have shifted from production to services?"

Urban love in suburban places continues as suburbs seek main streets. Contemporary models of main streets are adapting to the suburban landscape but are pulling in elements common in urban places such as complete streets, traffic calming elements, and the human scale. READ ON

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