Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beyond Sales--How can retailers get traffic in the door?

Building on Larisa's most recent post, an interesting article appeared in Crains NY about how local independent retailers are identifying creative ways to get people through their store doors. In addition to sales, they are putting on special events that draw traffic for a specific reason with the hope that the consumers will stick around and shop afterwards. For example, one womens clothing store had a "Golden Girls" event where the store hired a jeweler to appraise and buy customers' unwanted gold jewelry. The idea was that once the women had some cash on their hands and they were already in the store, they might stick around to shop a bit.

Other stores have offered their locations as drop off points for a specific charity. Folks walk in the door to drop off gently-used clothing, for example, and receive a discount on that stores merchandise.

I'd love to hear if any commercial corridor managers out there have worked to create promotions like this along the same vein and how they are working out.

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