Thursday, June 18, 2015

Round Up: What's your Sign? Directories of all shapes and sizes

There are many ways to help direct downtown visitors to their final destination. We like to catalog and collect these examples and from time to time share them with our readers. We recently went through the pictures we have taken of the many downtown's visited over the years and collected a round up of the directories and directional signage we have come across. There is something here for everyone...
Victoria, BC. This stand alone directory is located
along the City's picturesque waterfront park

Great Barrington, MA: This small town, known for it's historic fabric and
summer tourist season, has a wonderful historic directory at the gateway to Railroad Street. 

In Salt Lake City, the downtown Mall, City Creek, tries to blend into
 the urban fabric, but the traditional mall directory gives away the secret. 
Not to be outdone by City Creek, downtown
Salt Lake City has it's own free standing directory.

Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA: Very functional,
directional signage points people in the right direction at Pioneer Square. 
A directory for Essex Street Market, New York where
small speciality food purveyors occupy small booths.
This sign is located outside of the market along the street. 

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