Tuesday, October 13, 2015

P3 (Public-Private Partnership) PAVILION

We are excited to share this opportunity with folks in the field....

Every December the International Council of Shopping Centers puts on the NY National Deal Making Conference.

We have always found the event a great way for public or non-profit entities to market retail investment opportunities and to build valuable relationships in the field.

Some cities/non-profits choose to walk the floor, while others invest in a booth as an effective part of a retail and real estate marketing campaign. Either way, participation is incredibly valuable to those looking to build relationships and make deals. This year we are thrilled that ICSC will be providing a few ways to get in the door at an affordable rate.

On a first come, first serve basis, ICSC is offering discounted entry for a limited number of applicants, as well as low-cost, turn-key kiosks as part of the new P3 Pavilion (P3 stands for "Public-Private Partnerships").

The P3 Pavilion kiosks are a nice turn-key solution for municipalities and/or non-profit entities who want to have an exhibit space without too much hassle. The Pavilion will feature 10 kiosks under a unified branded pavilion that is exclusively for use by cities, counties, economic development agencies and non-profit main street, downtown or economic development corporations, agencies or associations (including BIDs and BIAs).

Pavilion package includes:
  • One (1) kiosk 
  • Two (2) stools 
  • Company ID Sign 
  • One (1) wastebasket 
  • Two (2) staff badges  
Package Cost: Member Rate: $500

If you are interested in the kiosks, you can download the application HERE. For those interested in the discount, you can apply by filling out an application HERE.

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