Friday, May 13, 2016

Round Up: Nerd Out on Wayfinding, Art Revitalizing a Tennessee Street, Street Design, Sharing is Caring: ED Plans

I like to nerd out sometimes a lot. When I do I like to nerd out on interesting podcasts like this 99 Percent Invisible piece on wayfinding.  

Jim Harding, one of the experts in the field of wayfinding, explains how it is a field of unrecognized work and discusses one of his biggest projects in the Hartsfield Jackson International airport. This audio piece also discusses the financial impact of wayfinding - it is not just about creating a visual only system that guides people through a physical environment, it is also about the bottom line. 

Try to watch this film and not get emotional. Dare you.

Chattanooga gets a unifying mural on the former "Berlin wall" of a once vibrant community.  The video walks you through the history of the boulevard, the community and the artist, Meg Saligman, as she and her team take on the project.

Download this free Next City ebook publication about the future of street design. Currently pedestrians are demanding more from livable walkable streets - this piece provides the how and why of corridor design and improvement in response to current consumer needs.

The Metropolitan Policy Program run by the Brookings Institute developed the solutions map which features "stories, lessons, and resources for people in cities and metro areas" to advance initiatives and to build networks for economic development. 

Scott Landfried is a Business and Office Manager at Larisa Ortiz Associates. 

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