Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Round Up: Community-Run Commercial Space, City Power, Crowdfunding Green Space, NYC Kiosks Makeover, Detroit Small Business Growth

The Quest for Community-Run Commercial Space
England has pubs,  Paris has bookstores, so why can't New York City have state-sanctioned commercial spaces in an era of high commercial vacancy, especially in lower Manhattan, and shuttering of stores that are intricate to the cultural fabric of the city. The Real Estate Investment Cooperative steps in where the city is slow to form a plan.

Cities are powering the rebound in national income growth
For the most part we have recently seen headlines regarding a national income rebound. Much of the economic drive comes from US's thriving city economies.

Greening Urban Space through Crowdfunding
This a quick and simple example of using the power of community to green an urban space. Crowdfunding is not totally new but this short article sheds light on its usefulness to update a small derelict parcel of land for community enjoyment.

Free Wi-Fi Kiosks Were to Aid New Yorkers. An Unsavory Side Has Spurred a Retreat.
A new accessory to the streets of NYC has gone awry. These multifunctional units came to replace the underused or unusable pay telephones on the street but apparently came with too much functionality as people have begun to basically spend hours on end at them. This new NYC streetscape feature had good intentions and will be modified to ensure that those intentions are met for good. How is your district meeting technological needs?

Detroit Small Businesses Get Room to Grow
Grant money is giving Detroit business owners chance to grow. Does your city offer similar funding sources to help the entrepreneurial drive?  Big gains were noted in a follow up article "Entrepreneurship Fund Touts Big Gains for Metro Detroit."

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