Wednesday, March 30, 2011

News and Issues Roundup

Greater Greater Washington explores the pro's and con's of diagonal parking in Washington D.C. ["Diagonal parking: Does this quick fix get us what we want?", Greater Greater Washington, 3/28]

What happens to a commercial district after an earthquake and tsunami? Retailers in the Ginza shopping district in Japan find out. ["Less Appetite for Luxury", NY Times, 3/25]

What does it take to survive in downtown St. Louis? Downtown retailers struggling with storefront sales seem to find opportunity by selling on-line. ["Tough 2 or 3 years for downtown retail", St. Louis Dispatch, 3/13]

How many downtown residents does it take to start attracting retail? Harrisonburg, VA is finding out the hard way... ["What's the Downtown Retail 'Tipping Point?"', Harrisonburg News, 2/1]

Who is on "City" Target's radar for a smaller box store? One community explores what it takes to make Target's short list for it's urban format stores. ["Retail envy: Louisville needs downtown retail, but does Target need a new urban market?", Insider Louisville, 2/1]

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